Stand-in leader Phil Jagielka considers

Stand-in leader Phil Jagielka considers the existing Britain team has the prospective to be unique after they beat Lithuania.Stand-in Britain captain?Phil Jagielka seems the nation's younger team has the prospective to become something unique after a 3-0 win over Lithuania on Friday enclosed a 100 % record in Western 2016 determining.The guests cruised to?victory in Vilnius thanks to a deflected?Ross Barkley effort, a?Giedrius Arlauskis own objective and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's impressive finish, developing them the only team in this periods strategy not to fall a anchorman and just the sixth?ever to do Buy Fifa 16 Coins that in Western Championship?qualification.


Jagielka - leader for the coordinate with John Rooney and Grettle Cahill relaxed - was motivated by what he saw from England's advantage gamers and seems the team has the prospective to be outstanding."We realized it was going to be a test to win all 10, but that was the system from day one and fortunately we handled to do it," he informed ITV."Obviously the team was mixed a little bit but it shows what outstanding durability we have got and, obviously with the goalscorers, what outstanding youngsters we have got coming through. Hopefully?if we develop them right?they could be something unique."The Everton protecting player, 33, then transformed his interest to the future helpful suits Britain have against France, France and Malaysia - some of the favorites to win Western 2016.


"They are large," said Jagielka. "Obviously we have selected to perform against some really challenging nations before we journey out to France so it is going to be challenging to try and get in the team."But if you get in the team they are going to be difficult activities to go out and validate yourselves.?But that is what we are all about, we are all aggressive for the same objective, we want to be on the aircraft to get?out to France and once we get out there we want to be aspect of a effective Britain team."The difficult the games?the better, and hopefully all of us who performed here have done Fifa 16 Coins ourselves no damage."