Thanks a lot to everyone for commenting and hopping round on the blogs for Karen Williams' most glorious Explorations in Freeform Peyote book! And, certainly one of my personal favorites (this shade mixture just speaks to me) from Wendy Hatton, a necklace and earring set that I might just die for; I get to show you all the beautiful that I acquired from my fellow artists and the humble little allure that I made to swap. This yr's theme was 'soar' and it was somewhat challenging for me, however I did manage to come up with what I hope is a cute appeal.

Thirdly, I'm participating again this year in the Art Charm Swap, hosted by Jennifer Cameron (for more detailed data, try Jen's blog right here ). All of us make charms to swap, but each individual makes one additional charm that will likely be bought via auction, with all earnings going to Beads Of Courage.

These have been made by Elisabeth Auld of Beads For Busy Gals , Cate vanAlphen of Fulgorine , and Lesley Watt of Thea Elements Elisabeth's charm is so floaty and wonderful - I'm calling it a balloon, regardless that I have never seen her reveal put up yet, because to me it appears to be like ethereal and able to soar into the sky at any second. His pants may really be fabricated from the identical parachute material as Jim's ParaCord bracelets.

I did want to have the tail of the kite as a part of the design, but it just appeared flawed in beads, so I ended up using a piece of sterling chain on every one. Monique's was simply too pretty to take off of her card - I have to admit now that I haven't eliminated her charm from last 12 months's card, both - I like the ribbon and the presentation so much. Cate's attraction knocked my socks proper off, with the stylized bird flying so freely - and the colours!!

In between all the joy of these items, I did handle to get a new tutorial out in my shop, called Princess Natalia's Locket. :) The focal piece of the necklace is a working locket created largely of peyote stitch, whereby you possibly can retailer a memento or a attraction, and it hangs from a fairly chain made of right angle weave and herringbone. In the present origami owl charm day has been an excellent beady day in one way, with a fortunate snag of a set of new beads by Caroline Dewison of BlueberriBeads.and not such an excellent beady day because I ran out of the dimensions 15 Duracoat silver beads I used to be using to assemble a new Trellis necklace.