100% cashmere yarn and blended cashmere yarn

100% goat cashmere has quick suede, good feeling and less pilling when washing. Cashmere yarn is divided into cashmere yarn and blended cashmere yarn.



The cashmere raw material goes through mixed-combed-spinning—spooling-plying-twist these products then is called cashmere yarn. Cashmere yarn is divided into woolen yarn, worsted yarn and semi worsted yarn according to the produce craft. Woolen yarn is very thick and count is low, usually from 14-32. Semi worsted yarn is thin; count is high, usually from 24-60.






Cashmere knitting yarn is usually knitting for flat machine, including woolen yarn, worsted yarn and semi worsted yarn. Cashmere yarn is direct raw material of cashmere sweater; cashmere sweater quality is up to cashmere yarn’s quality. Superior raw material can produce high quality cashmere yarn, proper strength and twist, material’s length and fineness decide cashmere yarn’s quality. Nowadays good and bad prices are intermingled in the market, especially cashmere blended yarn, some merchants add some other chemical fiber to the cashmere yarn, though the touch feeling is similar, the quality is far away from cashmere. Different level decides different price, please do not be blinded because of the low price.






But it also has high quality blended yarn; Consinee can blend with different composition according to the custom demand and combining itself advantage to prevent high end yarn custom.






Consinee cashmere yarn chase for the high quality, refuse to sale bad products at best quality price, push out 100% cashmere yarn and other blended yarn, what the most clients need is wool cashmere blended yarn, silk cashmere and cotton cashmere. Consinee get rid of stale and bring forth the fresh, 100% baby cashmere yarn is the first high quality yarn we push, it is soft and smooth, the textile product is thinner and has a good market.