Application of N-Butyl stearate

N-Butyl stearate is a pale yellow liquid, acid value (mgKOH/g) ≤ 2 flash point (open cup) ≥ 188 c, and its ester content (%) ≥ 98 8 CP viscosity (25 ℃), chroma (iodine) ≤ 3 freezing point ℃ 20-22.
1, N-Butyl stearate as PVC plastics lubricant, injection molding, calendering process.Use with stearic acid, the lubrication is better;
2, N-Butyl stearate as nitric acid soldering h-HPC plasticizer, fibre element for the improvement of coating film luster, water resistance, and scratch resistant.If this product is dissolved in a solvent used plasticized, increased plasticizing efficiency;
3, N-Butyl stearate or nitrile-butadiene rubber, polystyrene, Poly-Vinyl acetate copolymer as a release agent in the processing;
4, N-Butyl stearate can also be used for rolling oil additives used in rolling processing for lubricant;
5, in addition, N-Butyl stearate can also be used as lubricants, waterproofing agents for textiles, lubricating oil additives, cosmetics base.

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