Bok Fu Do: A Martial Art That Fuses Kung Fu And Kenpo Elements

You'll find three of the popular martial art systems: kung fu, karate, and kenpo. Kung fu describes several traditional martial arts of China, while karate is the empty hand and weapons based style of martial art from Japan. Kenpo, on the other hand, brings together traditional fighting styles with modern-day systems of self-defense. It's not strange for many martial artists to combine several systems to develop a new fighting system. For instance, in Bok Fu Do, a cutting-edge fighting style, Richard Lee Couvelier mixed a number of kung fu and kenpo features. Bo Fu means "White Tiger" in Chinese and the tiger has long since held a mythic symbolism in the world of martial arts. The tiger is a dangerous predator which is both beautiful and sleek. Most probably, you can see the symbolism of the tiger in a number of styles of martial arts.

What makes Bok Fu Do a unique style of martial art? The system incorporates the external fighting methodology of Shotokan Karate, easily the most widely used and respected Japanese karate system in existence. Karate traces its origins to the Shaolin Temple of China. Kung Fu's 5 animal styles were instructed here. In Bok Fu, the historical fighting roots of kung fu are explored as aspects of the five animal styles (crane, dragon, tiger, leopard, and snake) are weaved into the training progression. Then there's kenpo, whose fluid, circular moves along with contemporary self-defense movements are included to make Bok Fu one of the more innovative martial art styles to come out. In a world where the traditional martial arts disciplines are being lost in a sea of sportive based combat systems, Bok Fu Do can give a unique approach to preserving the traditional arts while also giving interesting insights into contemporary self-defense training.

As Bok Fu Do partially has traditional beginnings, its students won't be committing all their time training for combat and self-defense. Traditional martial arts training has many benefits and these benefits may be had by training in Bok Fu Do. Hints for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Training Among the fantastic things about this martial art form is that it sets aside time to developing concentration skills. When concentration is lacking, it could cause someone to be easily distracted and his or her thoughts to be scattered. It is more than worth it to control the mind by means of training in an art such as Bok Fu Do.

In Bok Fu Do, an incredible emphasis is placed on the meditative benefits of training in the forms of martial arts. This will help to contribute to the vital calming of the mind required to put anxiety, stress, and aggravation to rest. Additionally, training in Bok Fu Do helps develop self-esteem. This makes Bok Fu Do a martial art form that's perfect for adults and kids alike. Mastering this martial art style brings with it a number of health benefits. Because of this, its practitioners can achieve the ideal combination of sound mind and body.

Bok Fu Do is one of many styles of martial art which can be described as innovative. Those looking for something different in their martial arts training are encouraged to look closer at what it has to offer.