5 Effective Trampoline Exercises

5 Effective Trampoline Exercises

It is hard to decide the common way to connect all members in your family. Each member has specific preferences and encouraging them to get involved into an entertainment type is difficult. Fortunately, the trampoline stands by you to keep up with the needs and demands of different types of customers at all ages. It not only offers fun and entertainment, but also helps enhance the general health of users in a comprehensive way. With the low impact on joints and legs, users can easily get benefit from toning muscles and losing weight. Your mental health can be improved effectively by smooth blood circulation. Therefore, if you are fed up with going to health clubs, the trampoline will be a great option for relaxing right at home. Try to select the best trampoline which is suitable for your needs and could bring the abundant workouts. These simple but fun exercises below promise to bring the unexpected results to you.


Side-to-side Jumps

This type of exercise is becoming popular with high requirements of different body parts, including legs and abdominal. There is no difficulty in doing the side-to-side exercise. All you need is jumping toward the direction from left to right and vice versa. Remember to concentrate on your jumps for not falling out of the pad. When you are familiar with the speed of jumping side to side, lengthen the distance from the pad central for higher workout effectiveness.

High Jumps

Another efficient way to enhance your leg and abdominal muscles is applying high jumps from the central trampoline surface. It is advisable for you to raise your hands up and try to bend the knees to reach higher jumps. They help improve the stability of your total body in an efficient way. You could be rest assured to freely enjoy relaxation moments thanks to the equipment of safety enclosure. The ideal time to apply this method should be 1 to 2 minutes.


In comparison with jogging on the street, exercising on the trampoline is considered to be safer with low impact on joints and muscles. This is because the trampoline offers thick foam for comfort and durability, whereas, you are easily suffered from hard surfaces when jogging on the street. However, both 2 types of jogging share the basic working principals. You should combine lifting feet and moving arms for the continuous jogging process. It is evidence that jogging brings high enhancement in heart rate and blood circulation.

Jumping Jack

Wow, it seems you are freely doing whatever you want with jumping jack. Stand on the central of the trampoline surface. Then, start jumping and make your arms and legs move toward different sides. This exercise combines various movements and helps produce many workouts.


Last, but actually not least, all of your body parts will have chance to be strengthened from twisting side-to-side. Twisting means you start standing on the central of the trampoline and make your parts move toward different directions. As a result, it helps actively enhances your muscles.