five Improvement fate of wireless LED display business

Wireless LED display industry immediately after decades of improvement, men and women believe that technologies is mature enough, is broadly utilized and is thought of the most effective device to replace traditional billboards. In reality, now before the persons you can find still quite a few domestic LED technical troubles to become resolved, these concerns set out under, we hope to attract everyone's consideration.

1, a light emitting diode chip technology, determines essentially the most upstream wireless LED display business technology, but additionally LED core technology. (vms )


However, these procedures only mastered in the United states of america and Japan and a few other countries within the hands, and patent protection. Try to remember a couple of years ago, "337" incident it was that wonderful an influence around the industry, we hope that joint efforts of LED, the core technology in their own hands.


2, technically contempt design and style for manufacturing, the gear does not spend attention to the fixture supporting applications.


DFM is to study the physical traits of wireless LED show item itself, the partnership in between the several parts and manufacturing systems, and use it for item style, so that with each other the whole manufacturing technique general optimization, so The extra standardized, in order that the production procedure is standardized and simplified as a way to reduce charges, shorten production time, boost product manufacturability and productivity. Wireless LED show enterprises are now a widespread phenomenon is usually a lot of production gear, and basically no fixture, and foreign providers that are specifically the opposite. Use supporting jig, can enhance item reliability, decrease the failure rate from the solution, the production method can not be ignored equipment.


3, there is absolutely no best to the bottom of the decomposition procedure of technical indicators, inadequate style elements, the lack of reliability verification approach.


Including physical indicators, electrical indicators, efficiency indicators, we must be decomposed, proceed from the compact office, assisted by reliability verification solutions, create suitable improvement measures and pilot projects to ensure that the inherent reliability of wireless LED show to attain much more high level.


four, for the electronics manufacturing standards abound, turn a blind eye, even believed there is absolutely no wireless LED display industry standard specifications.


In fact, the normal "LED display common specification", "LED show test methods" and also the country has often existed, each and every LED(speed limit signs) show enterprises ought to spend focus, based on regulate the production, according to the normal test, so as to enhance the technological degree of the complete business .


five, only focus on minimizing manufacturing expenses, and item life cycle regardless of the total expense.


Efficiency and group capability to improve the rate of expansion mismatch, excessive commitment, due to the degree of delivery. As absolutely everyone knows, wireless LED show total life cycle cost is substantially greater than the manufacturing price. Closures in recent years, mainly because the marketplace is building too rapid, blind expansion of some enterprises, the results usually do not have the ability to upgrade the group, top to funding strand breaks, the respective chiefs have run away. We should be solid, step by step, so the wireless LED show enterprises as well as entire industries to be wholesome and steady development.


Recognizing the above troubles, we've to resolve 1 by one particular, to ensure that our wireless LED show market will progress from "Made in China" to "Created in China" modify, improve the high quality of LED display products, modifications inside the international low-cost low a poor impression good quality, do grasp the core technology of wireless LED display major exporter.