Causes of Acne on the Chest and Body

Many folks are cara untuk menghilangkan jerawat di hidung by the appearance of body acne when they are fully mature adults. It can become embarrassing to venture out to the beach or to risk keeping the lamps on during those bare all intimate moments. So some simply refuse to go to the beach and others holiday resort to body make-up.

Body acne can on anyone anytime from the youthful to the old help to make no mistake about any of it. It does appear more frequently at certain times and under certain conditions. In the summertime you may find that you have flare ups of body acne on your own chest and back. Men who wear sports tools while playing sports have a tendency to chafe where straps touch your skin and are more prone to get acne in these areas. The same applies to ladies, their bra straps and the elastic support band have a tendency to rub your skin and cause irritation that leads to acne.

During the warm months the sweat and natural oils from our skins glands can mix with dirts and additional pore blockers like deodorant to result in blockages and resultant bacteria build ups. One of the best things you can do to greatly help prevent body acne is to take a shower after any activity that leaves you soaked in sweat.

If you are someone who tends over much of their torso you might want to think about easing off that approach. The deodorant will continue to work to block the pores of your skin and result in more body pimples. The same applies to excessive usage of body powders and certain kinds of lotions.

Try wearing cotton clothing that's loose. The cotton will naturally wick sweat from your skin and it must be light weight and minimally irritating to the skin. Make an effort to use plain soap on your skin should you have an outbreak of body acne, to reduce the probability of irritation and remember to shower frequently after heavy work or exercise."