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Below Lillian Gish plays the sassy Bessie who lives along with her girl Camilla (Maggie McNamara) Bessie is just a preference of the town, so when her handyman falls to his death as a result of the arrogance of her neighbor Samantha Wilkins (Patricia Cutts -The Tingler 1959) and her whipped husband James (Peter Lind Hayes) Bessie goes on a mission to attempt to fill the feud with the couple by welcoming them around for dinner.

Remaining are his partner, Jane Fisher Wilkins, whom he married June 14, 1960; two sons, James Dyer Wilkins II of Riverton and John Andrew Wilkins of Milam; one girl, Ann Wilkins Daughtry of Auburn, Pa.; one pal, Port C. Wilkins of Hillsboro; Jacqueline T, two siblings. Upp of Dorothy and Cecilton W. Cooper of Tyler Wilkins; and nine grandchildren, Va. Wilkins, Dorothy Daughtry, Anne Daughtry Daughtry, Arlan Daughtry, Paul Wilkins and Wilkins.

A fresh part of the Commencement ceremony was the display of the Ozarka College Academic Mace to display through the company. An instructional mace can be a custom for universites and colleges which dates back for the first schools launched in the middle ages. Woodturning buddy and artist of the Faculty , Dr. Wright Pillow, who offered because first Executive DJ Bristol Director of the Arkansas Institution and the major builder handcrafted Ozarkais mace.