pictures On Gold

Well, visitors, I've no use for silver jewelry and reindeer~ BUT…beautiful gold? Photos may also be optional - you're able to elect to include your own personal photographs after you acquire your little bit of jewelry. In case you pick a birthstone, the website provides pictures of the birthstones Lockets from Pictures On Gold as well as the month of the birthstone to greatly help your decision. I love the passionate strategy around it, and I'm actually excited to determine that Photos On Silver posesses wide variety of heart-shaped lockets to help make that intimate ideal come true.

Photos On Gold Image presents wide variety of bracelets, picture charms, watches, picture lockets and picture chains, are just afew samples of the types of custom picture and photo jewelry they can build for you along with your loved ones. All items including Silver Lockets our Lockets and Pendants are Reliable Platinum and Natural Gold.

A lovely ½” silver and gold double faced locket with the photographs on each aspect on the attractive 18” gold of Clem chain…PicturesOnGold I really like you! I directed them two photographs of my favorite dachshund they and so Clem laser replicated the pictures beautifully Photo AND externally, in program that was lovely, they engraved CLEM 2012. I put my companion Molly's photograph inside, and remember like a youngster that all I actually wanted was a silver and gold locket that I could open and near. I have never held a piece of photo jewelry before then when I was asked to do an evaluation for Images On Gold I considered it'd be fun.

The website pictures seemed logically in no means confirmed the paper-thin metal it had been produced on, and put to emphasize the top of the jewelry. There also is no detailed package suggesting gold or silver's full total weight the product is. They perhaps give you a one year guarantee on necklaces and each of their picture lockets, that are all scratch and waterproof.

These lockets are happily manufactured under tight quality specifications in craftsmanship and components in the USA. Some jewelry musicians also develop handcrafted improved art image lockets and fix a photo solely manually in an inspired design onto the platinum necklace using a solid adhesive like two- epoxy. Photographs on Gold: Photographs on Gold provides a large selection of 14K yellow or whitegold photo lockets. The website carries lockets that could attribute laser photo engravings or maintain standard photographs in the chambers. I sent over images of my boys that I got over Christmas as well as in less than 48-hours the locket was acquired by me.