Massage during Pregnancy

To begin with, it just makes sense. Massage therapy during pregnancy is appropriate for tight muscle groups that are in tips agar cepat hamil spasm and so are producing aching (or sometimes razor-sharp) pain. Stiffness is often present as well. What pregnant woman doesn't experience this at some point? The muscles are fatigued from working significantly harder while carrying more excess weight in more and more awkward positions. And for those who have a brief history of musculoskeletal pain before getting pregnant, you are more likely to have it during those 9 months.

Now for the first thing you probably didn't know:

Massage therapy may be included in your health insurance. Some insurance policies cover it. Some don't. It depends on whether it it regarded as a "covered benefit." And it has to be performed at a healthcare provider's office who is a participating provider for your health insurance company.

Massage during pregnancy is performed mostly in the side lying position by using supporting pillows.

Is it worth the time and trouble to go to a massage therapist during being pregnant?

Absolutely. Massage relieves discomfort and stiffness. It is a natural healthcare method which relieves the consequences of stress and promotes rest. Massage makes life easier during day to day activities, but it also:

1)Prepares the pelvis for an easier being pregnant and birth with better muscles tone
2)Decreases abnormal pressure of the muscles supporting the uterus which can cause problems such as fetal position at birth - especially important if you feel pulling or straining in the abdominal while stretching
3)Minimizes likelihood of medical intervention with medicines and surgery

Something else you might not know:

Chiropractic treatment using the Activator Method is a superb to prenatal massage therapy. Activator Method combined with massage burns up muscle tension like absolutely nothing else.

With the Activator Method generally there is "no cracking, popping or twisting" connected with traditional chiropractic treatment options. Instead, a handheld instrument called an Activator uses a controlled, fast thrust which is definitely comfortable for patients.

And chiropractic care during being pregnant is safe. Outcomes from a quickly to be published study involving several hundred pregnant women receiving chiropractic care indicated no adverse effects. The only complications were slight soreness after the first treatment in a handful of patients which was was resolved by the next visit. These research results were initially presented by Dr. Jeanne Ohm, a chiropractic researcher and instructor (who is also in private practice) at the American College of Nurse Midwives annual meeting in Boston, May 2008.

Here are a few recommended action steps if you want to get massage and/or Activator Technique chiropractic care while pregnant:

check to see if massage therapy is a covered benefit of your health insurance plan. Leading desk staff at a healthcare provider's office will help you with this.
execute a Google search using the conditions "massage" and the name of your community; or "massage" and "chiropractic" to find providers near you.
visit the website to locate a chiropractor near you who is experienced in the Activator Method.

Massage during pregnancy is effective for most women.