The Most Important Thing For Choosing Burton backpacks

My other backpack broke so I was forced to make an upgrade I had been thinking about doing anyway. Thankful I did, the Burton backpack is large sufficient for all those my college books and supplies with space for clothes to the gym or even to pack a lunch.

The back is all padded and so are the straps that will stop back pain. Also it is really big so it's perfect for almost everything. The laptop pocket is cushioned which has a soft fabric. Whether it's hiking , school or no matter what this bag will do it all .

An incredibly reasonably priced, durable and stylish backpack. Just like the Herschel in style but kills it with the notebook inner compartment within the backside and the ability to hold a lot more. An awesome saturday and sunday travelling bag to easily hold folded garments or to use for work/school.

Wonderful look. It fits my 15" laptop computer rather well & feels safeguarded. It doesn't suit as much things as some other bags I've got, since the opening is restricted to near the top of the sack (it can do contains a mobile computer quick-access zipper on the back). However i'm often filling a lot stuff & really give my bags a good beating... So far, great!! an excellent option for having for my day or perhaps a hike!!!

This backpack is worth all the money which i have paid for it. I taking primarily science courses, I've a large quantity of textbooks that I want to bring back and forth to school with me, and i also hardly feel it! The shoulders and back is nicely cushioned that has a luxurious feeling cloth. While i bought the bag, I was concerned with that this large size of it might look in my body; however, it does not look monstrous on my small back by any means! It has large space yet still be fashionable and functional- two things which might be often not associated together. I like to recommend it to everyone.

Few days of stuff fits very well. Nice retro look. I recommend the leather base/bottom. This area takes a beating and leather-based fits the bill.

Three days after my bag arrived my buddies and I headed to the Blue Ridge Mountians to hike 7miles and stay overnight. If I hadn't of got this pack my shoulders could have been killed. However with the huge bands and chest area straps to support spread weight that it was wonderful. I now already have it when camping on another holiday in which it can be holding enough garments for 12 whole days. The dimensions, fabric, and look of it are typically that I had expected.

I use it snow skiing, take it to work, and intend on make use of it biking also. Burton backpacks keeps its form very well and looks excellent.

I love this a lot. The colours are vivid and the pack itself looks durable. I am in college and i also was worried it might look a little childish but it is not. The cup holders on the side are good for my drinking water bottle and thermos. Much space inside main compartment.