Cylinder lid boxes’ charm

If a thing lives in the world, then there is a reason for its survival. Now we can see various boxes from packing box supplier China. You may say that we only use one or two types of box in our daily life. However, we should have a view at the different boxes to adhere our knowledge to some extent.


Barrel-lid cartons’ boxes are generally higher and tubular shape, stamped on the barrel. Flashlight can be cylindrical or polyhedron. Drawer has a similar structure, the cartridge body and drawers. Box body can be decorated, drawers protective. After the shake-lid cover along with the casing junction box together, usually with a single piece of cardboard or pasting molding die after printing. Now we can see different boxes in Shenzhen wooden watch boxes wholesale for our daily use. Such day-lid cartons lower canopy plus the most simple. Windowed box portion opened window, window parts generally stick cellophane or transparent film, easy to see the contents. Chinese style refers to a cube, other than rectangular geometry of fixed cassette; there are pyramids, prisms and the like.


If you are a China jewelry showcase manufacturer, you would not choose this kind of cylinder lid box for the gorgeous jewelry so that we should choose the right box according to our products.