Explore Pragues History Communism And Its Impact

The capital town of the Czech Republic can be an san diego hills destination in continental European countries. The architectural fight between medieval castles and Communist-era high-rises, interspersed with Baroque cathedrals and neo-Renaissance theatres makes Prague an essential destination for history aficionados.

Convenient Prague airport terminal transfers can drop you away at your hotel, from where you can embark on a historical trip of discovery to the city's excellent museums.

Post-war Prague: Communism and Its Consequences

One of the best museums in the town, the of Communism, is ironically located next to a gambling house and above a fast-food chain. It targets the totalitarian regime imposed on Czechoslovakia from the February coup of 1948 to the peaceful Velvet Revolution and the regimes collapse in November 1989.

A fully immersive encounter, once in the you can wander through a makeshift factory office filled with antiquities, and a schoolroom where one can find out about the dogma Czechoslovak kids were at the mercy of at the time. All areas of life are touched upon, from sports activities to politics to propaganda, focusing on Czechoslovakia but with a particular emphasis on Prague.

Underground Prague: Secret Nuclear Bunkers

Most people dont have the regrettable history of Soviet domination in mind when they arrive on the Prague airport transfers, and the first instinct may be to explore the cobbled roads of the Old Town. If you are feeling adventurous, however, you can head over to Pod Karlovem Road where, behind the reinforced doors, you will find a fascinating maze of rooms and corridors. A bunker built through the Cold War, it was designed to be considered a refuge for civilians in the event of nuclear attack; nowadays, it houses a unique assortment of Cold War products. Gasmasks, uniforms, and photos are on display and once inside the bunker, it is possible to start to see the original machines designed for use in the event of isolation. To those people who have never had to consider lifestyle under nuclear threat, the tour can be an eye-opener to what life would have been like had the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1961 used a different path.

Standing High: A Memorial to the Fallen

Once you've assimilated the intricacies of the Soviet style of Communism and what it entailed to those living under its guideline, there is no better time to visit the Memorial to the Victims of Communism. Located at the bottom of PetYn Hill in the Lesser City area, it is a number of statues commemorating the victims of 41 years of Soviet power. Seven bronze statues descend a airline flight of stairs, looking more and more decayed the further aside you stand, in a eulogy to the striking loss of life incurred during this time period period.

Fascinating Take Me There!

When you get to Prague, you will likely be extremely excited to explore its gorgeous streets, sample its renowned affordable lager and taste its great food. Particularly if you're travelling with children, the final point you want is to have to find out the citys tram and bus system in hopes of not getting lost to your accommodation.