Exploring Kensington's Touch Of Royalty

Hollywood may possess its pemakaman san diego hills, but in the United Kingdom, no-one is even more watched and admired than the Royals. Perhaps its they are the living, breathing, iconic symbols of England; maybe its the more than 1,000 years of background, with a narrative that rivals the most amazing of novels; or simply its the fairy-tale of grand wedding ceremonies and majestic palaces. Tina Brown, a writer who penned the biography of Procedure Diana said: "These days, celebrity is completely for sale; it isn't remotely mysterious. But there's something that remains glamorous and mystical about royalty."

Whatever the reason, theres no doubt that millions of 'Royal Watchers', as those that admire and adhere to the royal family members are called, from around the world come to London, and even more specifically, Kensington. Resorts, groomed gardens, high fashion, high tea and high-end shops lead to a royal aficionado's dream. And theres always a chance you might catch a glimpse of William and Kate.

For those who for a visit to stay in this wonderful London borough, the air of royalty extends beyond the walls of the Kensington hotels.

High Street Ken

For a true taste of luxury, head for Kensington High Street, Londons most well-known and eclectic shopping precinct. The high street includes a host of specialties, including high-end supermarket giant Whole Foods, quirky antique shops for those searching for unique and timeless pieces, and it's really even house to the offices of several high-profile music stars. The Roofing Gardens Restaurant (a genuine celebrity hang out) may be the perfect place to catch stunning views of the town as you enjoy a fine dining encounter overlooking the borough.

Kensington Palace

No matter how grand your choice of hotels, also the most luxurious can pale compared to the grandeur of the palace. For the Royal Watcher, the palace is certainly a site of great significance, as the birthplace of Queen Victoria and Queen Mary and the former residence of Princess Diana. Originally known as Nottingham Home, the palace was the preferred residence of the sovereigns of England before loss of life of King George II in 1760, when Queen Victoria decided she favored to rule from Buckingham Palace. Today it acts as the royal home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, furthermore to housing a museum and traditional exhibitions. Fashion Rules, an exhibition of fashion worn by several royal personages throughout background, including Princess Diana, is among its most well-known current exhibits. If youre sense peckish, call in to the Orangery for high tea - you under no circumstances know who you may see there.

Hyde Park

British royalty from the web pages of history are just as interesting, if not more so, than the contemporary ones. Years after her heath, for example, Princess Diana remains one of the most beloved royal figures, as attested to by the hundreds of books and articles which have been discussed her and the exhibits and monuments dedicated to her memory. The Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park celebrates her lifestyle, her spirit and her like for children.