A Donut Bed for Your Pet by Iris Fuchs

A donut bed for dogs can easily be identified by its shape. As the name implies, it is a donut shaped bed. Naturally, this style of a bed enables dogs that sleep in it, to curl up like the beds shape. Dogs sleep in different positions, and one of them is curling. For these dogs a donut dog bed is a perfect match.

This donut shaped pet bed has a cushion base and a bolster that surrounds the cushion base, creating a bowl like shape. This allows for dogs or cats to sink in with comfort. The surrounding part, the bolster, is usually not much higher than the cushion base, and that makes this dog bed very comfortable.

When getting this style of a donut bed for your dog, you need to know your dogs sleeping habits. If your dog likes to stretch and needs an open space while sleeping, this bed style may not http://countryfarmhouse.net/how-to-find-high-quality-mattresses/ be a good choice for him/her. The donut bed allows for more a defined space area for your dog to rest in. My dog tends to stretch when she sleeps so she has a rectangle pillow pet bed.

Some donut beds are orthopedic, which means, both the cushion base and the bolster are filled with a memory foam of other types of orthopedic fillings like gel foam inserts. You dont want to get donut dog beds that lose their shape after several uses. This is indicative that the bed is of low quality whereas your dog is not resting or sleeping well, and you spent money on a product that will have to be replaced soon, due to ware and tear.

There are also eco friendly pet beds that are available for those who are more concerned about using natural resources wisely.

Donut dog beds are offered in various sizes, beginning from extra small to extra large. Make sure to measure and weigh your dog, and get him/her the right size pet bed size from the get-go.