Acai Berry and Colon Cleansing

Being a celebrity requires looking great and fabulous all the time. They serve as the models of beauty, glamour, style, and fashion. Oprah has been famous not only for being a great talk show host but also with her weight loss issues and how she has dealt with it in the past decades.

Today, she already weighs 200 pounds and having said this, people think things have gotten a bit too serious with her. More than ever, Oprah announced that she is motivated to be healthy and fit again. In fact, she has come up with a new series that is purely about being healthy, losing weight, and focusing on getting back in shape.

On another show, famous Rachel Ray also seconded the topic introduced by Oprah. Guests included Dr. Nicholas Perricone and Dr. Mehmet Oz, a dermatologist and a heart surgeon respectively. These two experts including Oprah's trusted health guru and personal trainer Bob Greene formulated Oprah's Drynamic Duo, which is composed of Acai berry and colon cleansing. The following is a brief discussion of this diet.

The Acai berry fruits are found in the Amazon forest. They look like grapes but are less juicy. Previous medical tests have proven that dark berries are more nutritious than light-colored ones. The Acai berry fruit has been announced as one of the greatest super foods of 2009, this being authored by two medical experts, Dr. Oz and Dr Perricone. Other recent studies showed the significant difference between the minerals extracted from blue berries and Acai berries, putting the latter on top of the former. Although Acai berries have shorter life span because they ripen within 24 hours upon harvest, experts have found ways to freeze the berries and therefore retain its freshness. It has been proven to be rich in fibers, amino acids, minerals and other essential nutrients. The following are what it does to the body:

Flattens the stomach

Trims stored fats

Detoxifies the body

Blocks harmful waste materials

Keeps digestion intact

Prevents mild and other severe illnesses

Cleanses the colon

Removes unwanted fats

Reducing toxins from the colon and all over the body helps the body function properly. The combination of Acai berries and colon cleansing is said to be a perfect weight loss system.

Do you want to live a healthy life too? Try the Acai berry and colon cleansing program and be fit and healthy!