Clear Clogged Drain With Tide Detergent

Tide Laundry Soap Can Unclog DrainsIt may sound like an urban myth, but Tide detergent can do an amazing job of clearing clogged drains, as one Midwest homeowner discovered.Serious Plumbing Problem

After washing a few dishes the kitchen sink would start backing up. The homeowner first tried natural cleaners. She tried clearing the drain with baking soda and vinegar to no avail. She also tried a natural living enzyme culture drain cleaner. There was a slight improvement, however, the drain was still backing up. Finally she broke down and tried a conventional chemical drain opener. The sink continued to back up.

Plumber Couldn't Fix Sink

The homeowner decided to call a plumber to fix the plumbing problem, which now appeared to be quite serious, as this was an old house, with old plumbing. The plumber spent six hours working on the drain at the old house, investigating the plumbing in the basement, from the roof, under the sink. He tried rodding it out, but finally left in frustration. The sink continued to back up. The plumber promised to return the next day, but did not.

Tide Trick for Drain Cleaning

This homeowner was ready to call another plumber, when a friend told her about using Original Formula Tide powder to unclog the sink. First, plug the drain, then fill the sink with cold water and a cup of Tide powder detergent. Mix until dissolved. Unplug the drain and let the water go down. After using the Tide on both sides of the sink, the sink was draining better. But the real miracle happened the next day, when the homeowner was washing a large load of dishes and the sink continued to drain perfectly. Drain problem solved.

Unclog Sink With Grease Cutting Detergent

Apparently, it is the grease fighting nature of Tide that works to clear clogged drains. One internet site,, included a posting on Tide detergent being used for a backed up toilet. The writer was out of Drano, so grabbed liquid Tide and poured it down the toilet. A half-hour later, the toilet flushed and drained.

Save Money by Using Laundry Soap on Problem Drain

The Tide also did a nice job of cleaning the stainless steel sink. It is possible that other grease-fighting detergents could work to clear a drain, however, there isnt evidence yet. So next time a drain is running slow, reach for the Tide before calling the plumber. This remedy may not work on every clogged drain, but if it does work, one can avoid a costly visit from a plumber.

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