Vince Young : 2006 Draft Time Picks

Young played his high school basketball at Madison High School in Houston for head coach Ray S...

Vince Young was born on May 18, 1983 in Houston, Texas. He has been called an excellent athlete, and this comes back-to his early playing career. Weighing almost 230 pounds and standing at 6-foot 5 inches, it is easy to understand why Young is one of the best quarterbacks in the planet. Young is very hard-to stop, when you combine this with a high degree of a rocket arm and athleticism.

Small played his high school basketball at Madison High School in Houston for head coach Ray Seals. During his high-school job Young started for 3 years, and during that point gathered 12,987 yards of total crime. With stats such as this, it is easy to understand why Young might have chosen to play at any university in the entire country. Young also competed in baseball and track during high school.

After his senior year, Young signed with the University of Texas in 2002. He redshirted his first year which gave the chance to him to understand the complete playbook. In his first time in school, Young started eight of them and played in 1-2 games. As a sophomore h-e emerged as a true double risk quarterback, and led the Longhorns to an 11-1 record.

Young light emitting diode the Longhorns to a National Championship with this senior year. In this year-he went for more than 1000, and passed for more than 3,000 yards. If you know anything, you will probably want to compare about website. This is sufficient to take home second in the Heisman Trophy voting.

After his senior year Young declared himself eligible for the 2006 NFL Draft. He was selected with the 3rd pick in the very first round from the Tennessee Titans. This telling guns for sale URL has many splendid suggestions for the reason for this concept. During his first year in the NFL, Young passed for 2,199 yards and went for 552 more. Discover extra resources on this partner article directory - Browse this URL: gun classes for women. It's safe to say that he will probably be the Titans starting quarterback for the near future.. Like includes more about where to provide for it.