Services offered by Dental Clinics in Melbourne

Just like all other cities in Australia, there are premium quality health facilities available in Melbourne. Having a toothache hurts a lot. If you have any problems regarding your teeth, you should be going for a proper and detailed checkup, followed by treatment. There are a lot of dental clinics in Melbourne. Almost all of them come up with the best possible health and care facilities. But even then, you need to look around for the best among the best. Therefore, Era Health should be your choice as they offer the best services in town.

General Dental Services for adults:

Different dental clinics offer different dental services. The basic of all are the general dental care services. They are available for both adults and children. You can get your teeth examined and cleansed. If you have a cavity, you could get it filled. In case of swear pains, you could get a tooth extracted or get a root canal treatment. Era Health is a medical facility that could provide you with the best follow up. The general dental care services may be acquired by spending a nominal amount of money on charges. You can get a governmental discount if you own a health care or a pensioner card.

General Dental Services for infants, children and youth:

Children usually bear the issues of tooth aches because of the junk food that they love to eat. In order to cater that, they need to consult a dentist and get their teeth examined over a course of time. If any sort of issue regarding teeth is observed, they should be properly treated. One good way to prevent tooth decay is to get it preserved using a dental sealant. You can get both of these services in a dental clinic in Melbourne, along with facilities to cleanse teeth and perform other procedures. If you own a concession card, you get your kid (under 12) treated for free. Otherwise, you will have to pay the designated charges per visit.

If you really care about your family, you should get them treated from the friendly professionals at Era Health.


In case of any emergencies, you could visit any community dental clinic in Melbourne. If you are a discount card holder, you may get a discounted bill otherwise you will have to pay the defined charges.

Specialist care:

In addition to general dental physicians, there are specialist dental physicians in all major dental clinics in Melbourne. If you have any extensive irregularity with your teeth, you could probably consult a specialist physician that has an expertise in the area of your disease. The specialist care services include orthodontics, oral & maxillofacial surgery, endodontic, periodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and oral medicine. The costs for each of the Click here to know more. treatments depend upon what treatment you are getting. In case of a heavy treatment, you need to pay a a comparatively bigger amount of money for the whole course of treatment. Era Health provides the best services in this regard.

Special needs:

If the patient has some sort of special needs that do not allow them to visit the clinic, they can get home bound services as well. These special needs services are available for both adults and children. The costs are a bit higher than the general hospital bound services. If you want to avail this privilege, you could probably visit your nearest dental clinic and discuss all the terms including the cost details.

In order to look out for the best medical services, you need to come to Era Health because the professional there know how to do their job the best.