Is It Time to Update Your Orlando Business Telephone Systems?

As you think about updating your Orlando business telephone systems, you soon realize that you have plenty of options. With numerous options, the process can soon become overwhelming. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. Use this short guide to fine-tune your options and gain clarity about the next step.

1. Evaluate why you want to update your Orlando business telephone systems in the first place. Has your business outgrown its current system? For example, is the simple act of adding a new phone station suddenly not so simple after all? Once you've maxed out a small business phone system, adding a new station requires adding hardware which can quickly become expensive and may not solve your current problem for long. If so, it may be more economical to switch to a more robust business phone system - one that can grow with you. Perhaps your current phone system has room to grow but lacks the features your business needs or is too expensive to operate. Switching to a VoIP system such as Shoretel business phone systems may actually cost you less in the long run.

2. Once you know why you want to update your phone system, your upgrade path becomes clearer. For example, if you know you want to minimize your local and long distance costs, you might then focus only on VoIP phone systems. Likewise, if you need a phone system that can scale up quickly without require extensive hardware systems, you may want to focus on systems with sufficient ports and easy expansion. In either case, there's a lot to learn at this point. By narrowing down your overall needs, you can focus on learning the most relevant information.

3. List and prioritize your requirements. Modern Orlando business telephone systems come with a virtually unlimited array of features, making it both confusing and exciting. Which ones do you really need? Which ones would be nice but not necessary? Which ones are unnecessary? List the features that are most important to your upgrade and prioritize them accordingly. While you're at it, list those that you consider frivolous or needlessly expensive.

4. Work with local experts. Find a local company that is knowledgeable about Orlando business telephone systems. With an expert by your side, it becomes possible to build a business telephone system that addresses all of your requirements. Since you've already done your homework and fully understand why you want to upgrade and the path you want to take, you'll be more likely to choose a new phone system that meets your current and future needs. If you're still unclear, your Orlando business telephone systems expert can answer your questions, help you understand the features and benefits of various options, and build a solution that works for you.

If it's time to update your business phone system, you don't have to navigate the process alone. Do some soul searching and get an expert involved fairly early in the process. This expertise can prove invaluable as you explore the various options available to you.

The author of this article works as a chief engineer at her local radio station. She enjoys sharing her insights on telecommunications and while she wrote this article she gathered insights from Ideacom Solutions Group.