Celebrity Plastic Surgery. The Good and the Botched

Ann Miller's Botched Nose

One of the earliest botched noses of Hollywood has to be Ann Miller's. She wore the obviously worked, undersized beak long before it was a familiar sight on the screen. Ann was a beautiful girl but it was hard to see her as a beautiful pin up girl because her beak gave her a nerdy girl appearance that naturally made one see her as the ugly duckling. Ann and her mother had the goal of stardom and were willing to take all necessary steps to make it happen. It is hard to come by photos of Ann in her pre nose job state because she had the surgery so early in her career.

Because Ann's dancing was exquisite and her charisma spelled femme fatale she simply had to fix her nose so that her face could move her to super stardom as the sexy,beautiful dancer. Unfortunately things did not go smoothly in the operating room and Ann was left with a nose that was too small for her large cheeks. It was also slightly misshapen and had a dent in one side.

Although her nose looked surgical and it was in no way a good nose job, her overall look was improved by simply the elimination of her dorky, large honker profile, and it did help her career after all.

I'm sure that Ann would do it all over again if given the chance. Even if the ideal natural result failed, she was able to wear an artificial piece over her nose to hide the dent and take stunning photos. Ann Miller understood and worked glamor throughout her Hollywood career.


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