Adult Toys: Children Mind The Opportunities - Adult Toys, Educational Toys, Homemade Toys

This year, the European Union on the Prohibition of distribution used by children under three years old PVC plastic toy "ban" direct impact on more than 400 million U.S. dollars in China's toy exports. Children's toy exports in the case met all the resistance, a growing number of toy companies realize that the traditional children's plastic toys is not the only demand of today's market, developing high-tech electronic toys, intelligence toys and adult toys develop more affected by market favor.

It earned millions of adult toys, "please"

Experience in exporting all kinds of children's toys to resist the situation, a growing number of toy companies realize that the traditional children's plastic toys is not only in today's market demands, development of high-tech electronic toys, toys intellectual development and adult toys will be more favored by the market. The theme of toy stores, adult toy bar in full swing, with a high-profit, low investment success stories to illustrate the emergence of this new venture highlights.

Qinghai girl LI Ya-nan in Shanghai opened a "original adult toys," is about the popular open for business, for customers are: three-dimensional chess four children, singles, harvesters, Huarong, Germany, puzzles, cage to take Po, headache 12, fox and geese, nine Maori dance, Ming Lock, Homecoming, pumping the stick, startled hundreds of adult intelligence toys, etc., can make customers of a play put it down, linger . Today, a monthly profit of up to 50,000 yuan or more.

In Beijing, a famous adult toy store, a variety of strange toys dazzling. Entered the store, the boss slapped a shot Qin Bin, a big spider out in the press before it, really shocked the reporters, journalists also appreciate a return to "Tricky" toys powerful. That's surprised look, boss, Bin Qin music: the "shop also hide a lot of this kind of 'fun and meaning'."

Adult toy industry is still a market gap

Gross margins as high as 120% -130%, the payback period shorter adult toy actually is interested in real people feel incredible! "Sorry, we are here, children toy counter ... ..." toy counter of a well-known shopping malls face a look of disappointment Miss Liu customers, not without regret to said.

This situation is not surprising, the world's largest toy production base, with nearly 6,000 toy manufacturers in China only a small number of companies started to engage in adult toys, adult toy market is the market almost blank, and some famous foreign toy manufacturers Business has this piece of "cake" lurking around ... ...

Japanese white-collar workers aged 20 and older, at least 84% of people have their own toys; U.S. toy company, each year more than 40% of the product is produced exclusively for adults; and our white-collar workers spending an average annual toy also less than 20 dollars. China Light Industry Association survey data show that in the domestic toy market, 99% of children's toys, adult toys little. Beijing market more than 3000 kinds of toys, Shanghai's more than 7000 kinds of toys almost to children. 33% of adults think that they like and are willing to buy for their own toys, adult toy market just needs a young, up to 50 billion yuan a year or so.