Average Cost of Plastic Surgery

The trend of undergoing a plastic surgery is increasing day-by-day among the rich class and celebrities. However, people from the middle class families are also opting for this type of surgery to enhance their looks. Some people even travel to other countries for undergoing the treatment. They may do so either due to the high expenses in their respective countries, or advanced treatment methods that are available in foreign countries.

The cost is a very crucial factor to be considered when thinking of undergoing such a surgery. Improper treatment planning can lead to overspending, which one certainly expect. Likewise, a well-planned treatment can minimize the chances of unnecessary expenses. The cosmetic surgery expense depends on several factors like the fee of the surgeon, location, type of surgery, and treatment, etc. It's evident that if you select a treatment from a reputed professional, you'll have to shell out some extra money. Whereas, not so well-known surgeons will do the job at lower fees; however, they might not have enough expertise in the related field. For this reason, you should balance your requirements. You should sort out surgeons who have a significant reputation, as well as those whose fees are not very high.

The cost also depends upon the location or state in which you are planning to undergo the surgery. Other determinants include the type of surgery procedures and the pre and post surgery consultation fees. Generally, it is higher in major cities as compared to suburbs or smaller towns, and it ranges somewhere between USD 2000 - USD 8000, depending upon the surgical procedure you plan to opt for.

Average Prices of Surgery

Facelift - USD 6,000 Breast Augmentation - USD 3,500 Lower Body Lift - USD 7,800 Breast Lift - USD 4,000 Abdominoplasty - USD 4,800 Rhinoplasty - USD 4,000 Forehead Lift - USD 3,000 Eyelid Surgery - USD 3,200 Ear Surgery - USD 2,500 Cheek Implant - USD 2,400 Chin Augmentation - USD 2,000 If the expenses are not within your budget, you have the option of availing a finance facility or insurance cover. There are several finance companies who can give you a loan for the treatment.


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