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A natural coolant and much hailed in the ancient Chinese medical treatises, chrysanthemum tea has a lot to offer to a regular drinker. So, one can benefit from its omega-3 content by using the oil for cooking purposes, or by topical application. » Regular application of this oil can stimulate hair growth. » As this oil is rich in antioxidants, it can help to fight sun damage caused to the skin. » It is a great oil that can be added to lotions and body butters, to increase their benefits. The following article provides information on the health benefits of this tea, along with the recipe for making this herbal infusion. Read this article to gain more information regarding the process of making lavender oil. Chasteberry also known as Vitex agnus-castus is a herb that is otherwise known as vitex, chaste tree, and monk's pepper.

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Baobab Foods Unveils New Production Facility for BaoBites

These deliciously addictive, nutrient and antioxidant-rich morsels are easily integrated into a variety of food formulations, including cereals and granolas, trail mixes, nutrition bars, baking mixes, as stand-alone fruit snacks, or as a base for panned chocolate or yogurt coatings. All BaoBites Superfruit Snacks will now be made out of the new facility in a joint venture between Baobab Foods and Beyond Ingredients. Baobab Foods advanced new facility provides food formulators with the ability to easily incorporate on-trend functional ingredients for example, probiotics for digestive health, plant-based proteins for muscle tone and endurance, electrolytes for natural hydration and more. In addition, water activity can be adjusted depending on the application, for a turnkey way to boost nutrients and flavor in a variety of food products. Although the concept of BaoBites was completely new to the industry a few years ago, the reception has been tremendous, and weve been working closely with our current partners to understand how this novel ingredient can provide increased benefits to the end consumer, said Stephan Broburg, general manager of Baobab Foods. Our new facility is unlike any other, as it allows us to easily customize the water activity, flavors and other nutritional ingredients in each bite, so the opportunities for food formulators are endless.

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The Top Guidelines On Reasonable Methods For Moringa Health Benefits

Moringa oil is used in wonderful beauty products such as soap Moringa oil is used in making exotic perfumes The soft pulp from the moringa tree is highly suitable for making news print. The bark and gum of Moringa tree can be used in tanning hides The bark of the moringa tree can be beaten into a fibre for production of good quality ropes or mats. Moringa oil is used for making hair care products for damaged hair especially in women. Moringa oil is used in making body creams Powdered moringa seeds can be used for clarifying honey without boiling! Moringa oil is used as lubricant by watch makers. Moringa flowers are a good source of nectar for honey producing bees. In fact some Farmers are keeping bees in their moringa farms in Nigeria. Moringa oil is used for making shampoo. Did you know You can get a FREE MORINGA SHAMPOO?

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