Searching for a Chiropractor in Tampa, Florida by Manny Lontoc

The word chiropractic comes from a combination of the Greek cheir (hand) and praktikos (effective) and is a form of pain management through holistic health care. Chiropractic therapy involves realigning joints that are out of place (called subluxations) and focuses mainly on the muscular and skeletal system and its relation to the central nervous system as well as other bodily functions. Chiropractic practitioners use their hands to realign these dislocated joints in the body. Realignment of these joints increases joint mobility. Chiropractic therapy was founded on the belief that vertebral displacement causes interference with the nervous system and spinal cord. As such, the people experience chronic pain and back pain due to a decrease in disease resistance. The chiropractic therapy that is administered may vary since it depends on the needs of the client as well as the severity and frequency of the pain.

Chiropractic Therapy: What It Can Do

Chiropractic therapy as a form of massage therapy can restore normal physical functions in the patients nervous, circulatory, muscular and lymphatic system, and improve physical well-being. It can also improve recovery time, digestion and blood circulation and it can relieve arthritis, joint pains, muscle stiffness, and spinal pressure. A British study showed that people who underwent chiropractic therapy experience positive long-term effects. Other studies have shown that spinal manipulation can help relieve headaches and lower back and neck pain. These studies have also shown that spinal manipulation can enhance the effectiveness of traditional forms of treatment.

Since chiropractic practitioners cannot prescribe medicine or perform surgery, they use spinal manipulation (which may be used with osteopathy) to relieve pain. Initial consultations are conducted during the first visit of the patient. A thorough evaluation is conducted involving the clients medical history. Afterwards, physical and x-ray examinations are performed in order to study the extent of the problem. Since spinal manipulation is what the chiropractor primarily does, the focus is on the spine more so than any other body part. Once the chiropractic practitioners have determined where the misaligned joints are, they ask clients to lie face down on a table where they use their hands to fix the problem. Popping or cracking sounds are common during this procedure. Other tools chiropractic practitioners may use are acupuncture, water, heat, ultrasound or electricity. Chiropractic practitioners may also recommend that clients go on a diet or start exercising.

Searching for a Chiropractor in Tampa, Florida

A chiropractor should meet certain requirements. First, a chiropractor should meet the guidelines of the World Health Organization, including the completion of a post-doctorate degree either in MSc, BSc, DC or DCM. Second, chiropractic practitioners should meet a minimum requirement of at least ninety hours as an undergraduate in an educational institution before going to a chiropractic school. Third, a chiropractor also needs to have accomplished at least four thousand and two instructional hours (or an equivalent of it) in an accredited full-time chiropractic educational program. One such treatment facility that offers chiropractic therapy is the Gulfside Health and Rehab Center. They provide services ranging from chiropractic therapy, massage therapy, therapeutic exercise, physical therapy, and spinal traction. Those suffering from auto accidents, disc injuries, back and neck problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, and sciatica can be treated by the chiropractor at the Gulfside Health and Rehab Center.

Chiropractic Contact Information

Gulfside Health and Rehab Center is situated in 8316 N Hanley Rd, Ste 1-2, Tampa, FL 33634. If you want to know more about services such as pain management (including chronic pain and back pain), you can call their number at 813-890-7246 or send a fax message to 813-890-7220.