Mobile Marketing The Best Kept Secret In Advertising Today

What is Mobile marketing? It simply is marketing through the channel of what we call today a smart phone. The number one thing carried by most people in the world. Also, the greatest thing carried by a woman than her make up.

Mobile marketing is the best advertising medium for these reasons:

1-More than 91% of people carry their phone with them everywhere. When you think of this a smart phone has grown over the years to be the most important thing to carry than a bag, briefcase and sometimes even a wallet.

2-Most people sleep with their mobile phones by them. Who would have the thought the day will come when a powerful device like a phone would be next to our night stand or even in bed with us.

3- More than 92% of text messages are opened within two minutes from where they are received. Text messaging is one of the ways to communicate to a person without calling especially if you dont what to have a long conversation or feel like talking. Most people will read a text first before going to their voicemail to retrieve a message.

Look out future, the world of advertising via smartphones is here. Yes, advertiser will probably face some legislation about this since this could be a medium for abuse. Who really wants to receive so many advertisements on their phone daily, not too many people.

Yes, this is a great medium and can be lucrative for a business if used well but, caution and discretion must be used. Like maybe sending one text message a week to a consumer. If you have any questions or comments please let me know. Thank you for reading my article and hope it added value to your business.

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