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4. Bondage scenes are fiddly

"I've rigged and shot for bondage porn before. The bulk of the time and effort may be the tying. I love it, but damn does it take forever. God forbid you have a wiggly model." - DaveTheRoper
5. Guys aren't just walking around with massive erections all day

"that it is pretty difficult to get an maintain an erection on set. Making porn is pretty unsexy." - pornishard
6. Porn takes ages

"I've been in over forty pornos, they are usually half an hour or more long for each scene. But I'm on set for anywhere from 5-12 hours." - mrsinsomnia
"I remember being hungry a whole lot because I'd worry about being bloated on camera etc… there is one time I became filming and also the director kept telling me off for staring at a full bowl of sandwiches when it comes to crew. That's once I realised porn was not my vocation in life and that I preferred an excellent ham and cheese triangle cut sandwich over money and d*ck." - hotporridge
10. Orgasms are a mixed bag

"Sometimes the actresses do orgasm for real. Sometimes it really is 100% performance." - pornishard 1078

"the ladies are faking it more often than not. We would try to cast couples or friends who are already intimate with each other." - CalvinDehaze
11. It isn't shot chronologically as one long scene

"there is usually time between the guy taking out additionally the money shot where he is standing there furiously masturbating for several minutes right in front of everyone watching and waiting around for him in the future. really f*cking awkward." - papasmurf826

"Men need certainly to keep hard between setups, so a lot of the full time they truly are just standing there jacking themselves off, or feeling up their co-star." - CalvinDehaze
12. in reality, things are often shot back-to-front

"a whole lot of that time the cumshot is filmed first, then your sex. Means the people keep going longer for the actual penetration." - MissCarrieNation
13. anal intercourse scenes can involve lots of prep - take a look

"Seriously. Major enema action, waxing and bleaching, sometimes even fasting your day before in order that very little poop is in your tubes. The enemas/fasting/bleaching/waxing are done mostly by porn actresses - for assorted reasons covered in the above articles, but mostly because their butt needs to conform to porn standards on camera." - gasolinerainbow
14. The angles are all fake ( see at here

"When you see that closeup for the d*ck going in and away from her, its bc they positioned to the side, and just like an inch or two is certainly going in and out." - pantyraid7036
15. That 'we've just used this random girl off the street' porn is perhaps all fake

"All performers have to sign papers and do contracts, so that the girls they randomly pick up from the street was planted there right away." - pornishard
* 16. Size really doesn't matter

"there is absolutely no indicator for d*cksize. Feet, hands, height, Asian, it's all BS. Really the only stereotype that held true were black men's d*cks being huge.
Same thing when it comes to measurements of vaginas." - CalvinDehaze
17. Sex Video