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13 May. 2013

Qian Dao Lake, China

A woman takes a picture of a Harley Davidson motorcycle during the annual Harley Davidson National Rally in Qian Dao Lake, in Zhejiang Province May 11, 2013. Around 1,000 Harley Davidson enthusiasts from all over China met to celebrate the 5th Harley Davidson National Rally in China, as part of the company's 110-year anniversary.

Major Chinese cities ban motorcycles from circulating on highways and major avenues. Meanwhile, Harley Davidson motorbikes are considered by Chinese tax authorities to be luxury items, so they are taxed at extremely high rates-- sometimes the taxes alone is equivalent to the bike's U.S. price tag. Traffic and transportation authorities have also weighed in, putting Harleys in the same category as electric bikes, horses and bicycles, meaning that they cannot be on highways and major avenues. Picture taken May 11, 2013. REUTERS/Carlos Barria (CHINA - Tags: TRANSPORT SOCIETY)