How to Recycle Used CDs to Make Fun Spinning Tops

CD CraftSometimes the simplest materials make the most exciting and rewarding toys. The spintop is a classic toy that can provide both children and adults tremendous pleasure. The simple act of setting something in motion and watching it wind-down seems to meet a fundamental need in people.

Make your own top using an old CD, a shooter marble and a bit of paper. In addition to making an exciting toy, you will have the pleasure of recycling something that would otherwise be thrown away.

SuppliesUsed CDsShooter marble or wooden ballSilicone adhesiveWhite or craft adhesiveA bottle capPaperMarkers or crayons for decorating the paperDecorative gem (optional)InstructionsUse the silicone adhesive to glue the marble into the hole of the disk. Let the adhesive dry for the amount of time suggested by the manufacturers instructions.Cut a piece of paper to the dimension of the CD. Use your bottle cap to draw a circle in the middle of the circle, enlarge the inner circle so that it is big enough to slip over the bottle cap.Glue the bottle cap to the CD on the side opposite the marble so that it covers the hole on that side of the CD (the top side of the top). Let the adhesive dry for the amount of time indicated by the manufacturers instructions.Color your paper in a design that is pleasing to you.Glue the paper to the top of the CD, slipping it over the bottle cap.Glue a decorative gem to the bottle cap if desired.Ideas and SuggestionsMarbles can be hard to find and are often expensive. Craft supply stores often sell wooden balls that will work as the spinner. They do not spin quite as smoothly as a glass marble spins but they are still quite effective.Experiment with using glitter glue to decorate the paper to add a little extra pizzazz to your top.The amount of adult supervision or aid necessary for this project depends entirely on the age and ability of the children as well as the time available. If the time and ability of the children permits, let them create the entire project. However, if time is limited or the group is large, assemble the pieces of the top ahead of time; then let the children decorate the paper and glue it on.