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Hi Anne,

I agree with the rest of the posts requesting a review of the products. There are so many things that you frequently review that contain the same technology year after year and yet every year the latest and greatest styles are reviewed. In fact, you even cite how little some of the products change in your review.

We are having a great deal of trouble with hard water and the effects it is having on our pipes etc. I would like to see a side by side comparison of the brands as well as the brands vs their claims. I would like to see a true test of the newest systems. 20 years is a long time even if all that really changed was the bells and whistles...tell us about those and the longevity of the systems.

I would prefer your review over random reviews left on online store websites that arean individuals opinion as an n of 1, more often than not it is biased by their brand loyalty, customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction or just 2 days worth of use.

Please and thank you.