Kids PVC "Car Wash" Water Sprinkler Toy

In case you missed the memo, it's summertime! Generally, my family loves to spend this time outside enjoying the weather. Of course, in Texas, that means enjoying the 100+ degree heat and trying to cool off while not leaving pieces of our feet on the concrete. My son and I decided our next project would be to make a "car wash" out back. Before I get into our project, I must give credit to some of the ibles that helped with our ideas.

KidWash: PVC Sprinkler Water Toy by discontinuity

KidWash 2 : PVC Sprinkler Water Toy by m32825

I used a similar design as shown in the other ibles, but wanted to get more range on the water toy to cool off the concrete around our play area.

Tools Used:

Tape Measure Ratcheting PVC cutter (any hand saw can substitute)

Materials List/Project Cost:

All told, the project costs $25.63. We got off a little easy because we already had PVC Primer/Cement and leftover fabric.

Build Time:

All of the piece measuring & cutting took 20 minutes. Dry assembly took 10 minutes. Priming and Gluing took another 15 minutes. The most difficult part was waiting overnight for the glue to dry. The optional step of adding "moppies" took another 15 minutes to cut and tie the fabric.

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