Taxi Driving For A Living

Some time ago I had the misfortune to lose my job and suddenly found myself looking through the wanted ads. Then a friend of mine suggested I tried taxi driving.

To be honest, I wasn't all that keen, but I figured I needed to get back into employment sooner than later to pay the bills and as there was a place available where he worked, decided to give it a go. After all, it was only to tide me over while I searched for something I really wanted to do.

Four years on and I'm still taxiing as a self-employed owner driver, but all my work is supplied by one company, for which I pay a fixed amount of money each week for the two-way radio they supply.

Why am I still taxi driving? Well, when it came right down to it I realised there were more benefits to this job than I at first thought.

First of all, I'm not stuck in an office block, shop or warehouse all day, with my boss looking over my shoulder. On the open road, every day is different. Some days I'm driving around the city, others I'm in open countryside enjoying the beautiful scenery. Being self-employed means I get to choose the hours I want to work, within reason.

The other aspect of being a taxi driver is the many people I meet and variety of conversations. Granted, there are the odd few passengers one would rather not take, but in the main most are pleasant and very interesting.

Account work can be particularly lucrative, especially school contracts which are the source of a lot of taxi work during term time. There are other events throughout the year which are always busy for taxi drivers, especially the Bath and West agricultural show and of course Glastonbury Festival which takes place just 4 miles from where I live and this year had 180,000 festival goers. Here, there is always a constant stream of people looking for taxis to and from the event, including some well known celebrities like The Pet Shop Boys and James Blunt to name but two.

Added to all this are those unusual occurrences which happen now and again without warning, like the person who travelled 2 hours to the airport only to find he had left his passport at home. He then proceeded to hire another taxi to bring his passport to the airport.

Yes, taxi driving is by no means a dull job and you just never know how the day will turn out!