60, Tremendous Quiet High Efficiency

As a result of I am stil working on the picture (now the couple... and gods, Kimonos could cause a trauma XD ) and since the entire thing still bugs me. I'll say that I have been utilizing the Harbor Freight airbrush compressor for a few years now with good outcomes. So, here's some fundamentals on what you need for those who're buying an airbrush for modelling. These are the three most typical "feed types" for airbrushes - feed style refers to the manner through which the paint is "fed" from the storage reservoir into the airbrush:

A tube extends from the airbrush into the jar, and when the trigger is pressed, air shifting past the top of the tube creates a vacuum which sucks the paint up into the airbrush. Any such airbrush is generally geared towards individuals who must spray a significant amount of paint, or who need to vary colours fairly steadily - T-shirt artists, auto painters, and so on.