7 Step Guide to Relocating Your Office PABX System by Michiel Van Kets

So you are moving office and relocating your business to another location.

There are a couple of simple steps you need to take to make sure that the relocation of your PABX system and the installation of your new phone lines are coordinated and result in minimal down time or disruption to your business.

STEP 1 If you need to arrange new business phone lines in your area type in New Business Phone lines to find a provider or you can use your existing provider. There are several Telephone companies that specialise in business relocation so you can also try google for business phone relocation. It is important that you get the installation of your new business phone line coordinated with the relocation of your PABX phone system or you could find your self with lines and no PABX, or a PABX at your new office with no phone lines.

STEP 2 Once you have chosen your Business Phone company arrange to get your new Phone lines installed. Lead times for business phone lines vary depending on the type of service you have. Standard PSTN lines can take 2-5 working days. ISDN 2 5-15 working days and ISDN 10/20/30 with 100 number DID range take 20-40 working days as it is important that you give the phone company adequate time to get the new lines in place before the move. If you are in the same telephone exchange area you may be able to retain your existing numbers. The Business phone company will need to know the exact date you plan to move to arrange the line relocations and will be able to advise you regarding phone line diversions on your old numbers.

STEP 3 Once the new business phone lines are installed you will need to arrange for your PABX installer to visit the site. It will help if you have a site plan mapping out where each phone and computer will be installed so they can install any phone and data cabling that is required.

STEP 4 You now have a date chosen and your phone cabling and data cabling are in place and your business phone lines are connected. Don't forget ISDN phone line installations take longer than PSTN to so make sure you have allowed sufficient time. On the day of the move the PABX installer will arrive at your site and pack up your Business PABX Phone System for transporting to the new site.

STEP 5 Prior to the PABX phone system being removed arrange the diversion of your PSTN or ISDN phone lines to the new numbers and time it to take place at the same time PABX is being removed. To put a permanent diversion on a PSTN line can be paid in advance and is relatively cheap. ISDN diversion cost more as they often are diverting 100 number DID ranges however DID ranges you usually me moved further than standard PSTN numbers, so there is a greater chance you can take them with you. You can also arrange temporary diversion to mobiles during the move.

STEP 6 Ensure there is adequate access for the PABX installer who will ideally prefer to have the workstations in place prior to installing the phone.

STEP 7 Once the PABX Phone system is installed perform a full range of testing prior to the Technicians leaving to ensure it is functioning as required.


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