Bachelorette party theme idea: Lingerie party

You love it because it makes you feel sexy. He loves it because it turns him on. Of course, the topic is sexy lingerie. And, if you're hosting a bachelorette party for a bride-to-be, one of the most fun themes is a Lingerie party. And, do restrict a lingerie party to the bachelorette party because it can become both embarrassing and raunchy and it isn't something you'll want to do to the bride to be in front of her mother and other older relatives. Do include the bride-to-be's bra and panty size in the invitations to eliminate guess work on the part of invited guests.


For a twist, have guests dress in their sexiest lingerie!


If you plan on any games during the party an all time favorite is "Guess Who's Nighty." The game is simple, every brings a sexy nighttime lingerie outfit and they are tossed into a bag and then each garment is taken out and everyone guesses who belongs to that particular piece of sexy lingerie. Then the winner is usually given a prize like a box of condoms.


Decorating is fun and it's as easy as putting up sexy bras and panties.

Food and Drinks

Basically anything goes! Finger foods are good and "creative" types will be able to show off "private parts" using food items to "erect" different edible delights.

Have fun!