USDOL announces $7 million in grant money for accident prevention training

Employer associations, colleges and universities, joint labor/management associations, labor unions, and nonprofit community and faith-based organizations can support their charter of increasing safe working conditions by taking advantage of a grant offering of seven million dollars to fund the creation of training and educational materials aimed at accident prevention.

The United States Department of Labor recently announced this grant money would be available through the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, which concentrates on improving the health and safety of workers through education. This grant offering will be split into two areas of focus when awarded. One will be in Targeted Topic Training, which would support the creation of quality training tools and platforms for tackling and avoiding workplace hazards. The other, Capacity Building, would aim to create and increase organizational capability to provide long-lasting training and education for health and safety. Successful development around Capacity Building would create eligibility for additional follow-on grants.

Grant applications are due by June 26 for Capacity Building and June 30 for Targeted Topic Training. More information can be found here. Applicants needing a little extra assistance with the process of applying may wish to review a webinar created by OSHA, which is located on the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program website.