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Zara's Tagging System Means Even Faster Fashion

MADRID Spain's Inditex () will open more than a dozen Zara clothes stores in the United States this year, including a flagship store in the SoHo area of New York, it said on Thursday. Djing clothing figures prominently in the Bible where it appears in numerous contexts, the more prominent ones being: the story of Adam and Eve who made coverings for themselves out of fig leaves , Joseph 's cloak , Judah and Tamar , Mordecai and Esther Furthermore, the priests officiating in the Temple had very specific garments, the lack of which made one liable to death.

It can also be recycled into paper In Western societies, used clothing is often thrown out or donated to charity (such as through a clothing bin ). It is also sold to consignment shops , dress agencies, flea markets , and in online auctions Used clothing is also often collected on an industrial scale to be sorted and shipped for re-use in poorer countries.

Inditex, the world's largest clothing retailer, long admired for the speed with which it imitates catwalk designs and sends them to stores around the world, said it had already put the tagging system into 700 of its more than 6,300 stores, with its flagship brand Zara going first out of a stable also including Massimo Dutti and Bershka. February was the first time since 2012 that retail sales had dropped for three consecutive months.

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While brands from New York, Milan and Paris will always be keen to shout their patriotism from the rooftops, German brands tend to be a little less forthcoming about their roots - a shame, as the nation boasts a thriving fashion scene. Similar to their Scandinavian cousins, German brands tend to lie low on the radar, specializing on minimal, disciplined aesthetics that put design first and foremost.