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WCI's Certified Marketing Coach training program gives you the necessary foundation to coach with a 100 percent success rate. There's no hard sell” needed to bring active and motivated professionals into your practice. Develop the unique niche market of coaching professionals and the interventions required to meet their needs. Understand the most powerful and effective secret we have as coaches and how to use it to grow your practice. Coaches looking to add professional clients to their coaching practice as well as those wanting to add cutting edge techniques to their coaching toolbox. The program includes a comprehensive 104-page manual in an attractive 3-ring binder, plus three audio CDs.

Demystify the art” of Executive Coaching and understand the subtle nuances that make all the difference. Demonstrate tangible return on investment” data to your clients and prospects that your coaching delivers. Established coaches looking to add executive clients to their coaching practice and Executive Coaches seeking to become extraordinarily successful. The program includes a comprehensive 112-page manual in an attractive 3-ring binder, plus three audio CDs. In this six-session process you learn field-tested techniques and never before revealed strategies for structuring your own team coaching process.

Leverage your time and help more people make measurable and sustainable changes in their lives than you ever could coaching one client at a time. Coaching groups enables you to be a leader in the field and deliver the most highly profitable coaching service at the same time. Discover what it really takes, where Multi Level Marketing Experte to find your ideal participants, what to avoid, and how to be an elegant and masterful group coach. Apply the principles of group coaching design that make participants want to stay in your groups for years. Understand the difference between enrolling and marketing and become masterful (and have fun) at both!

This program unlocks the mysteries of assessments and helps you understand how they work and when to use them. Gain an instant bond with your clients and instantly increase your coaching revenues at the same time. Discover the series of assessments to use as the foundation of your own management development program. Any coach wanting to better understand and serve their clients as well as grow their coaching business while increasing revenues.

From this work you will be able to come up with a clear vision along the lines of "I want to coach 25 individuals at an average fee of $350 per month, so I gross $8750 a month." ( It will pay to clearly specify your ideal client such as - open-minded, motivated, professionals/brain-surgeons/belly-dancers/etc. Your goal in all your contact strategies is simply to give your prospects a great experience of you and coaching.