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1. Qualitative analisis data Tilahun Nigatu (MPH) M&E and Research Manager African Medical & Research Foundation March 2009 [email protected] +251911486661. You can learn Excel and use it to determine the ratio of male to female employees, the percentage of minorities on the payroll, and the ranking of each worker by compensation package amount, including the percentages of that package according to pay and benefits. 3 Conditonal Formatting : Conditional formatting in Excel enables you to highlight cells with a certain color, depending on the cell's value.

Excel allows you to input all of the data, analyze it, sort it according to your customized format, and display the results with color, shading, backgrounds, icons and other gimmicks that offer time-saving assistance in later locating precisely the information desired. If this spreadsheet is for presentation purposes, Excel helps you put it together in such a visually appealing way that the data may seem to pop and sparkle. The single most important thing an employer may do is learn Excel - it is one of the most essential tools of the workplace. A pivot table allows you to extract the significance from a large, detailed data set.

- Data enthusiast and visual storyteller - Former Data Analyst at Epic, one of the largest healthcare software providers in the world - Excel and SQL guru specializing in data-driven tools and dashboards - Demonstrated mastery of Excel by teaching it to play dead and rollover. You'll learn how to mine databases using SQL, clean up the data in Excel, and tell the story behind it through visualizations. Take some time to carefully review all of the data you have collected from your experiment. Really think about what you have discovered and use your data to help you explain why you think certain things happened. NodeXL : NodeXL is a visualization and analysis software of networks and relationships.

Specifically, there are a number of exceptionally powerful analytical tools that are free and open source that you can leverage today to enhance your business and develop skills that can genuinely propel your career. Rather than just leave you to navigate the frightening and giant world of IT tools and software, I have put together a list of what I see as the Top 10 Data analysis tools for Business. I picked these because of their free availability (for personal use), ease of use (no coding and intuitively designed), powerful capabilities (beyond basic excel), and well-documented resources (if you get stuck, you can Google your way through).

KNIME : KNIME allows you to manipulate, analyze, and modeling data in an incredibly intuitive way through visual programming. More importantly, KNIME can be extended to run R, python, text mining, chemistry data, etc, which gives you the option to dabble in the more advanced code driven analysis. RapidMiner : Much like KNIME, RapidMiner operates through visual programming and is capable of manipulating, analyzing and modeling data. Most recently, RapidMiner won KDnuggets software poll , demonstrating that data science does not need to be a counter-intuitive coding endeavor.