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As a general suggestion, before struggling understand all the new thing alone, start watching at some video tutorials (YouTube is full): I find it the easy way to start learning. James... No more surprised then me. I'm a staunch Microsoft follower and have always defended MS in the past when it was called for. I just looked at YouTube at his shorter video on Win8 and in the comments I see there's a guy from only yesterday still complaining about the missing Start button. And I'm baffle that Microsoft hasn't put up a video demonstrating why the button is no longer necessary.

You may wish to also to to the first tutorial on data collection or the second tutoral on data analysis if you have not already done so. The next tutorial is on the 'Drill-Into' feature that lets you isolate and zoom into a performance issue. You can literally open theZIP file, and double click on theEXE inside to launch it and then follow along with the video tutorial.

This video series will help you develop a functional understanding of using Microsoft's free IDE for web application developer (Visual Web Developer) to build web applications. The find web hosting” link this week includes a bunch of hosting providers who are also offering special free accounts that you can use with WebMatrix - enabling you to try it out at no cost (they also have everything setup to work well on the server-side with WebMatrix and are testing their offers with the WebMatrix publishing tools).

I like the idea (maybe a lightweight dev env for my netbook which struggles with VS2010), but a little worried that SQL CE is MS Access in disguise and WebMatrix is likewise FrontPage in a new toupee. If someone already knows core programming skills and wants a richer programming environment that is free I'd recommend they use VWD. I've never understood why Microsoft doesn't just make 1 of their products completely free. I hope Microsoft hasn't decided that they are giving too much away with the express versions and are introducing the new Webmatrix to eventually replace their free offerings.