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5 Simple Facts About Sound System Rental Explained

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Surf or Sound will, at the end of your stay, deduct from the security deposit the amount of any unpaid long distance or per call telephone charges and a $20 collection fee for the same, if any, any unpaid cable or satellite television charges that are the responsibility of the Tenant, if any, and for the repair or replacement of any actual damages caused by a breach of this agreement or during tenancy of the premises.

Rental transactions conducted by the owners of these residences or licensed real estate brokers acting on their behalf present unique situations not normally found in the rental of primary residences for long terms, and therefore make it necessary for the General Assembly to enact laws regulating the competing interests of landlords, real estate brokers, and tenants.

(a) A vacation rental agreement shall identify the name and address of the bank or savings and loan association in which the tenant's security deposit and other advance payments are held in a trust account, and the landlord and real estate broker shall provide the tenant with an accounting of such deposit and payments if the tenant makes a reasonable request for an accounting prior to the tenant's occupancy of the property.