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Become A Wedding Photographer

Ask any wedding photographer if they feel they make enough money, and they'll laugh. I have also interviewed dozens of photographers, both from my own wedding and as a portrait studio manager, and believe I've narrowed down the most important factors for great wedding photographers. Each photographer is only going to show their favorite photos online, so when viewing galleries, a great question to ask yourself is, ‘How happy would I be if that photo were in my wedding album?' Fine Art: When a photographer tells you that they are a Fine Artist, that can mean many things.

Natural Light: Rather than using flashes, photographers utilize the natural light found in a setting, usually daylight. For this style to work, you must have a technically skilled photographer who knows how to deal with lighting challenges. Now, if there's a special style you both love, make sure to focus on photographers who specialize in that style.

One standard that I believe distinguishes great photographers is their ability to prepare with the future couple. That could mean setting a date in advance of the wedding to visit the site to discuss what backgrounds engagement photographer calgary or angles you are hoping for. I've known people who have asked their amateur photographer friends to take their photos for free, or hired college students to shoot their weddings for only hundreds of dollars.

Find out and compare what's included in packages, as well as the cost range for the extras you may want, such as an engagement shoot, special effects. Some contracts stipulate that the photographer owns the rights to all photos taken at the wedding, including pictures of you. The photographer may want to use your photos for promotions, such as posting them on their website, blog, Facebook page, in publications or even advertisements. Photographers policies vary, some state that you can only share watermarked images to ensure the credit goes to them.

Alan M Schwartz is a contributing author for He has 20 years experience as a Studio and Wedding Photographer, 10 years experience as an Fine Art Instructor for students of all ages and levels, and he has been creating original fine art paintings and photography for 25 years. Planning a wedding can be a nightmare and one of the many important things that any planner needs to arrange for is a photographer who can ensure that the festivities are captured for all eternity. It is a good idea to have a photographer who is well-versed and experienced in professional wedding photography, to click your wedding snaps.