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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Coach

Marketing consultant, Allison Bliss , is the Founder and CEO of Allison Bliss Consulting, one of the top full service marketing & communications firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. When you are just starting your practice, concentrate on giving coaching away to people you already know. Don't try to coach your family Multi Level Marketing Experte or close friends, but anybody else you either enjoy, or can afford you, is fair game. I have taken my training and now I am loving coaching people to accomplish some amazing things. The point is to as quickly and naturally as possible, give away experiences of coaching to people you would like to work with.

I would love to coach you on some big goal or change you are working on. That is how you would really get a feel for what I do. When will you have 20 minutes? For networking, as well as the general marketing of your practice, you will want to have a good answer to the question, "What do you do?" In Ken's elevator speech you clearly see whom he coaches, and what the benefits would be. Because Ken's speech is specific it is a far more effective and memorable elevator speech than, I am a coach that helps people balance work and family.

With good training and mentoring there is no reason why a new coach cannot begin to work, and add value to clients within 2 months. You can work through this with the right support, but at the start of your practice you shouldn't be making too many cold calls anyway. I believe there is a direct correlation between the quality of training you experience and your ability to add value to your clients. Listen, earning money as a coach or consultant is FAR easier than you even realize.

Thus, if you haven't already, make sure you check out the ICF ACCREDITED COACHING SCHOOLS They have passed the most rigorous accreditation process in the profession. Even if you have successfully identified your niche and chosen your most effective marketing strategies, you still need to execute consistently and sufficiently. Too many coaches just dabble with marketing and wonder why they do not have the practice they want. If you are getting favorable feedback from your prospective clients, keep marketing.

Kate takes into consideration those of us who work full time and are starting a part-time coaching business. The video interviews are great because you gain a broader view of coaching from a variety of perspectives, the content is useful in ways you can immediately apply to your coaching practice, and the online biz savvy is invaluable.” -Toni McLellan, Life Coach, Be sure the marketing coach you hire understands your wants and needs and can meet them.