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Ask any wedding photographer if they feel they make enough money, and they'll laugh. I have also interviewed dozens of photographers, both from my own wedding and as a portrait studio manager, and believe I've narrowed down the most important factors for great wedding photographers. Each photographer is only going to show their favorite photos online, so when viewing galleries, a great question to ask yourself is, ‘How happy would I be if that photo were in my wedding album?' Fine Art: When a photographer tells you that they are a Fine Artist, that can mean many things.

Unless you specify in your contract, the photographer you meet may not be the one shooting your wedding day. Since every professional has a different style and personality, you'll be best to make sure that you interview and connect with the one who will be present at your wedding. Having a compatible personality with your wedding vendors plays a surprisingly large role in setting the mood for your special day. When you speak about your venue, your preferred wedding style, and what you two envision for your photos, did the candidate seem excited by your vision?

Professional photographers often are connected to many other wedding professionals and may make recommendations. Wedding photographers should be able to accommodate you wanting them to bring assistants or second shooters. Some professional calgary wedding photographer wedding photographers belong to associations and are certified by organizations such as Professional Photographers of America3, American Photography Association,4 or Wedding & Portrait Photographers International5.

Find out and compare what's included in packages, as well as the cost range for the extras you may want, such as an engagement shoot, special effects. Some contracts stipulate that the photographer owns the rights to all photos taken at the wedding, including pictures of you. The photographer may want to use your photos for promotions, such as posting them on their website, blog, Facebook page, in publications or even advertisements. Photographers policies vary, some state that you can only share watermarked images to ensure the credit goes to them.

It may seem obvious that your methods for choosing your wedding photographer(s), along with deciding on all your other vendors, is most likely going to be based on the balance of value judgments between you and your life partner. A simple contract like the one given below can help you understand the integral clauses that should be included in a photography contract.