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Marketing Consultant Salary (United States)

A small business usually doesn't have the budget for a marketing director or marketing manager. Marketing Consultants who have stuck around for more than two decades see earnings that are only slightly higher than those of folks who have worked for 10 to 20 years; the more senior group makes around $120K on average. For those looking to make money, Marketing Consultants in San Francisco enjoy an exceptional pay rate, 71 percent above the national average. Early stage startups and marketing consultants are perfect matches, in my opinion.

Over the past few months my team at OST has teamed up with Constant Contact to produce a research report into how UK Online Marketing Ireland and small agencies promote themselves. The UK Marketing Consultants: Digital Marketing Report offers a fascinating insight into the marketing activities that experienced, but often time-poor and budget conscious marketing consultants, prioritise.

For example, email marketing came out on top for lead generation while social media was used most frequently for increasing awareness of a product of services. This surprised us a little bit, since most companies - reputable ones, at least - tend to use email marketing for nurturing existing relationships, rather than acquiring new customers. In financial terms the report left us in no doubt that marketing consultants are thrifty customers.

Public-relations (PR) consultants dealing specifically with public relations matters external to the client organization and often engaged on a semi-permanent basis by larger organizations to provide input and guidance. Marketing consultants who are generally called upon to advise around areas of product development and related marketing matters. Interim managers as mentioned above may be independent consultants who act as interim executives with decision-making power under corporate policies or statutes.

Marketing consultants focus the majority of their time and energy on advising clients about how to attract and convert new customers, but do they practise what they preach when it comes to their own marketing? With this in mind, we partnered with Our Social Times and, with the support of Smart Insights and Enterprise Nation , surveyed over 130 UK-based marketing consultants and agencies on their habits, priorities and fears when it comes to promoting their own services. We collated the results and key findings of our research in a brand new report: ‘ UK Marketing Consultants, Digital Marketing Survey 2015 '.