Kitchen Equipment: What you must know

It is not easy being a professional chef, as it takes a lot of study and hands on experience. People undergo various forms of training to be able to cook food deliciously. However, a chef must also know how to manage a kitchen too. There are plenty of kitchen equipments that help him make his job easier.

Differences between Commercial and Personal kitchen equipments

Many may argue that the size of the equipment is the only difference between the commercial and personal equipments. While  this is indeed one major difference, there are other factors worth considering.

·         Volume : Personal kitchen equipments are used at home to cook a few dishes for a few people at a time. Such is not the case with Commercial equipments. Restaurants have to cater to a large crowd and may find the need to cook several dishes at the same time and as a result require a greater volume.

·         Quality : The majority of restaurants run continuously for at least 12hours and there are also those that run 24 hours a day too. Due to this, the equipments used in the kitchen get stressed out a lot. It is of great need that they be able to withstand this and hence are made from heavy duty materials that guarantee great quality.

·         Safety : The standards for food safety are quite high in almost all places around the world. As a result commercial cooking equipments always cook the food thoroughly in order to ensure that there is no possibility of food poisoning and other food related illnesses. A commercial kitchen is a very dangerous place to work in, hence  these equipments have safety features equipped with them.

Some of the methods that can be used to enhance the efficiency with these equipments are as given below.

1)Faster Cooking :

Since restaurants have to cater to a large crowd, their kitchen equipment should be able to cook large amounts of food in a relatively short time.

2)Increase taste and quality with professional equipments :

The greatest difference between personal kitchen appliances and those used for commercial purposes is the amount of control that the chef has. It is greater in the commercial equipments, and hence results in better tasting food.

3)Reduce time for ingredient preparation :

Most restaurants use the daytime to prepare ingredients that will be used at night for various dishes. This preparation time can be greatly reduced by the use of equipments like the food scales, can openers etc.

4)Keeping the food warm :

There may be considerable delay from the time the food is made till the time it is delivered to the customer. In the meanwhile, it is necessary that the food is kept fresh and warm. Hence the use of warmers will greatly help reduce the number of return trip the waiter has to do due to temperature issues of the food.

The commercial kitchen equipments help a restaurant kitchen improve its efficiency drastically by assisting them to satisfy the needs of the customers.

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