Ecobeautica Wellness Center: Keeping New York Looking Young

Ecobeautica Wellness Center: Keeping New York Looking Young

Living in New York City can be tough. Constantly being on the go can cause damage to your skin, your well being, and your mental strength.  Where can someone find a place to rejuvenate and recharge? In the midst of all the chaos is Ecobeautica Wellness Center located in Brooklyn. Ecobeautica believes spas should be available to everyone, and our spa is approachable and we have a treatment for everyone who needs to recharge and refresh. At Ecobeautica, we customize our treatments to your specific needs, so no two treatments are the same. By using Guinot skin products, Ecobeautica’s treatments are of the highest grade possible giving you lasting results.




Ecobeautica offers nine different facials. Facials are essential to reverse the damage caused by a busy life. Our facials remove dead skin from the surface of your skin to allow new skin cells to grow and the removal of dirt and oil can clear acne and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. facials in Brooklyn


Two very important facials we offer can give you the results of a face lift without the surgery. Our highly skilled team offers Microcurrent Lifts and Oxygen Facials.


Microcurrents introduced into the skin tighten the skin, reduce lines and wrinkles and produce stronger and thicker collagen and elastin giving the appearance of tighter, fuller and more youthful looking skin.


Oxygen facials put vitamin infused oxygen directly into pores helping the skin rejuvenate faster and produce more collagen allowing your skin to heal itself sooner and produce new skin cells without any side effects or risks.




At Ecobeautica our massages will realign muscles and help you relax. The touch of our message therapists will help break up and remove toxins from the body helping you heal from the inside. Our therapists also offer cupping, a special treatment that uses suction to help energy flow throughout the body. Massage in Brooklyn




We also offer microdermabrasion to exfoliate dead skin cells and reverse damage done by the sun and the environment. A deep cleaning of skin cells will remove excess dirt and oil along with bacteria from your skin in order to instigate the growth of younger skin. Calming masks are available to help skin heal and glow.






Peels are also available to remove old, dead skin and help new, younger skin shine through. By shedding away dead, dry skin, peels physically remove the stress and damage from your skin.



Visit Ecobeautica in Brooklyn, New York and remove the evidence of stress from your skin forever. Whether you need a massage, a facial or exfoliation, Ecobeautica has a treatment designed just for you. Don’t suffer skin damage any longer; make an appointment today.