Business :: Sound Sentry XL Recordable Motion Alarm: Exciting Way to Add Fun and Safety in Your Life

Do you want to protect your home, detect people when they walk by, record special messages for friends or family, keep tabs on your employees or car?

If yes, then a Sound Sentry XL recordable motion alarm is all you need!

Keeping your assets without the security of a protection device is taking a risk every time you leave your home. A recordable motion alarm is a great tool for home as well as offices look for an inexpensive way to protect from unauthorized entry. This is a low cost and highly resourceful way to both improve ones security and offer a myriad of other uses. Along with protection a Sound Sentry XL motion alarm can also be used for greeting guests at your door on Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other occasion.

The benefits and uses of Sound Sentry XL motion alarm are:

You can teach pets to stay away from furniture and other valuable electronics by recording your sound and placing the alarm in that particular area.

Protect valuables with an audible alarm that is played while the motion is detected.

Use this amazing motion alarm to identify and greet guests with a special seasonal message for Thanksgiving, Halloween or Christmas parties.

Record a barking dog noise to make your own motion sensing barking dog alarm.

Warn your kids to stay away from cupboards, store chemicals or insecticides.

Scare away unfriendly animals.

Record a door chime sound effect and use your recordable motion alarm as a door chime.

Make it funny by playing a practical joke or by scaring your friends. You can also hide this wireless alarm in places they cannot even expect.

Play it at your garage sale or to place special attention to an item.

Turn it into a buzzer alarm, a doorbell or to leave messages for your family.

Along with above motioned benefits, this Sound Sentry XL motion alarm has hundreds of uses.

The Sound Sentry XL recordable motion alarm comes with removable sticky pads and velco strip so that you can stick it to any flat surface or use the included stand to place it on the floor or a table. To set the motion alarm all you have to do is to press the record button and record any sound, from alarm sounds to dogs barking to a verbal warning and the sound plays when anything or anyone moves within 11 feet of the sensor.

Add safety, fun and excitement in your life with Sound Sentry XL motion alarm!

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