Sexuality :: 3 Facts About Pearly Penile Papules

3 Facts About Pearly Penile Papules

With so much miss-information about penile papules Its a great idea to cover some facts on what they are, and what you CAN DO about them. Ive tried some outrageous home remedies, and want to share my personal trial and error trying cure penile papules from home.

One thing I love about the Internet is the spread of information. Eight years ago I wish there individuals like myself that shared their experience on this issue. My research began after my penile papules were mistaken for an STD.

So lets begin

#1 - Penile Papules are not an STD. From the view of a Dermatologist papules are considered a "normal variant". What this means in plain English is that there is no treatment needed. The decision to remove is up to you. Severity of cases can vary. My personal experience leaned me to removing after being mistaken for an STD. This was a very embarrassing moment in my life. If you have shied away from the light then you understand where Im coming from

#2 - There is no none reason for the appearance of penile papules. What we do know is that its NOT due to hygiene or sexual activity. Some sites talk about clogged sweat glands, or blocked pores. None of this has been clinically proven

#3 - Males in their early 20s to early 30s are more likely to develop pearly penile papules. It takes about 4 years until all the potential papules are at the surface. Many reports online state they can fade with age in a small percentage of men.


Personally I have tried several different home remedies to avoid costly laser surgery. Lets go over what did NOT work for me first.

1 - Wart remover

2 - Tea-tree oil

3 - Toothpaste. Thats right, I was desperate!

Please do not waste your time with the home remedies above. They do absolutely nothing!

Now what did work for me ended up being the best $37 I ever spent. It allowed me to cure pearly penile papules in the comfort of my own home. Now it didnt take 3 days as the website claimed. But they were gone in 5 days! So no t need to use the 60 day money back guarantee.

To learn how I cured pearly penile papule at home in 5 days click here. Save time, money, and the embarrassment. Learn from my mistakes!

Yours Truly,

Mark B